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Tarrier Group Inc. is an international private company established in 1990 with subsidiaries around the world. Tarrier Group Inc. is registered in Quebec and active in heavy civil engineering projects and mining operations.

Our company owns various major heavy machinery and equipments for targeted activities. This vast fleet of equipment includes (but is not limited to) piling machines, excavators, loaders, dozers, concrete pumps, etc. Our company prides itself of its resources and highly skilled team members who excel in their area of work.

Our head office is located in downtown Montreal with subsidiaries in other countries. Tarrier Group Inc. has accomplished several projects in infrastructure, roads, deep foundations and mining. Today, our plan is to further develop our footprint in Quebec and other provinces in Canada with our trusted partners in civil engineering, procurement and construction sector.

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Tarrier Group Inc. is committed to providing trusted advice through in depth consultation and tailored services. The company is founded on three major pillars:

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Quality

Tarrier Group Inc. competitive advantage lies on having significant international exposure which leads to enhanced problem solving, border-free operations and end of the line equipment combined with sound project management which leads to controlled expenditure and cost savings for our clients.


We aim to be reliable and sustainable in all our business dealings. As a leading company in infrastructure mining in Canada, our clients have come to recognize us as being a reliable and sustainable contractor. We take pride in our work ethics and efficiency.

Our Vision


Health and safety plays a pivotal role in all of our day to day activities. As such, employee safety and environmental concerns are priorities which we take very seriously. Our team of experts are rigorously trained in ensuring that all federal or provincial regulations are adhered to.

Our team of professionals are committed to providing world-class advice while adhering to various internal and external code of conducts and are evaluated against the highest international standards.

We pride ourselves in the way we conduct knowledge management. That is done through various lessons learned from each project. This is a key component which contributes to future success.

Our lean management structure, internal processes and company workflows are designed in an efficient and transparent manner which enables and promotes sustainability. Through our multi-disciplined & skilled resources, we are able to carry out our operations in an efficient way.

Our close-knit community of employees rely on one another, through trust, respect, team work and accountability, to operate as an integrated unit with a common goal in mind: our clients’ satisfaction.